I don’t take photographs just to show what you could see yourself if you stood on the same piece of earth as me. Instead I want to offer an alternate view; a sideways glance, a look at a place that you may not have noticed as you rush past. When I look at the world I like to pause and tilt my head, then squint and photograph the results. That is what I present for you here.

The following are are a selection of my personal photography projects. A few of them are complete but several of them are ongoing and new images will be added over time.

Hong Kong – Life between the Steel and Glass

The movies have taught us that Hong Kong is a soaring city of gleaming steel and glass, filled with super heroes, secret agents and “bullet time” action heroes.

But in-between the skyscrapers is a real life that’s far more interesting than the Hollywood make believe. People talking, people doing, people speaking, people being. Pause for a moment and glance down an alleyway and you will see the stalls and stands where people shop and talk and eat and meet. Where shoes are heeled and flowers sold, watches repaired and chops carved. Life, like iron rich blood, flows through the arteries and blood-vessels between the towers of steel and glass.

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Art of Architecture

Buildings are 3 dimensional structures, the physical embodiment of an architect’s design. Photographs are a 2 dimensional representation that can seldom capture more than a small part of the whole. Yet somehow, if well captured, a photograph can show an extra dimension to the building you may not previously have been aware of.

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New York Skyscraper

Modern Life

What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.” (from “Leisure” by W. H. Davies).

Everyone’s a stranger, rushing past, never meeting. Technology that should be setting us free in fact enslaves and distracts us. Thinking people, with skills and experience are replaced by automated processes and A.I. controlled robots. But the increased leisure time that should come with increased automation never materialises because the benefits accrue to those who own the robots, not to those who do… err did the work. Instead a society obsessed with needless consumption replaces these skilled jobs with host of mindless and meaningless McJobs. People need to work longer hours at less well paid jobs in order to make ends meet. They rush from home to job and from job to second job, passing each other by but never connecting.

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Job Satisfaction

Lost your skilled engineering job? The local factory closed down? Worry not. You can now have a job that allows you to work out doors and keep fit by moving about (no unhealthy sitting at a desk). Become an “influencer” and learn how to focus consumer attention on key product demographics and drive customer footfall through key profit centres.

  • No previous experience required.
  • Full training and advertising sign pole provided.

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Bored woman sits while holding an advertisng board