Under the Dome

The dome may protect against the hell outside, but that doesn’t mean you are safe….

Under the Dome is a mini-project that I have wanted to undertake for quite some time.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the necessary equipment as it took longer than anticipated to construct a time machine. However, once complete, I was able to use the machine to travel 200 years into the future to a time when we have poisoned the environment to the point it can no longer sustain human life for any except the few who live under the domes. But even if you are one of the lucky few, life is far from safe. Maybe you will be this year’s human sacrifice in a neo-pagan fertility ritual.

The horns are blown to symbolise the start of the harvest.

The horns sound to signal the beginning of of this years choosing. If you are one of those selected you can try to hide… but they will hunt you through the bushes and undergrowth and eventually they will find you. Your blood will feed the hungry plants that give life to the dome… a place of safety…. but at a cost.

Close up photo of a sculpture at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK.
You can hide but eventually they will find you.

I realise that my (tongue in cheek) post apocalyptic view of the The Eden Project isn’t what most people experience when they visit. In fact in a world filled with war, pollution, poverty and inequality the Eden Project acts as a small beacon of hope that there are people who care about the planet (and their fellow man).

plant photo
If there is no water it will make do with blood….. Your blood.

The facility, in Cornwall, England, comprise a garden and a pair of biomes (bio domes) which house a Mediterranean garden and the worlds largest enclosed rainforest. For more info on the educational projects that the Eden Project undertake check out their websites at http://www.edenproject.com

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