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Square is the new black – Instagram

Until very recently I had not given much thought to Instagram as I wasn’t particularly interested in mobile phone photography. That all changed recently when I decided it was time for a new challenge to take me outside my comfort zone. I decided that Instagram, with its square image format would be different enough from my usual work to provide that challenge. Being a lover of wide-screen images I have enjoyed going back and looking at existing images with a square eye. Instagram’s limitation of posting square 1:1 images has helped me take a fresh look at my older works. I am also enjoying the challenge of capturing interesting images with a mobile phone and have also decided that attempting to photograph everyday items in an interesting manner would also be interesting. To that end I have chosen as my first Instagram project “My Kitchen in Black and White” – a selection of shots of items found in my kitchen, hopefully viewed from an unusual angle. Of course they also have to fit with my current preference for Black and White images – so I guess “square is the new black and white” would be a better title for this post.

If you are on Instagram feel free to check out my work there I can’t promise it will be great work but I can at least promise it wont be all selfies.